Projects &

May 2014 - Present
In the beginning, I was part of the Air team working on creating new features for our flight shoppers. As a part of the team creating a new feature, not only to the site but in the competitive USPOS market, I helped my team with technical discovery which allowed us to work on parts outside of the air realm.
Most recently, I became part of the site optimization team, where we ran experiments on the site to learn how our users interacted with the site and increase revenue. This lead to a company-wide movement where I trained various engineers, team leads, and product managers. The effort became a success and helped the company ease in to the new Expedia Test and Tearn process.

Launch - Prospect

August 2012 - April 2014
Upon launching the new design for prospects, new alumni landing pages and various features to the homepage for content display were required to be added. These additions included: design changes, video player, and an enhanced slider. In addition, I created a new process to add the new rotation every week that allowed for a smoother process and cut down on development time.


Social Enterprise Initiative - Research Center Template

September 2013
As the research center grew, it needed to accommodate new content and features. To highlight stories and profiles, the homepage had a unique design to feature them and it was my job to design and build the experience of this special slider. Correspondingly, I worked on architecting a single template page, capable of holding different content including features, video, plain text, or a combination. This made it easier for our content writers to build pages without the assistant of the developers.


Full-time Viewbook 2013

July 2013
In May 2013, the business school established a new positioning of the program. Within the span of a few weeks, our team needed to recreate an entire site with this new information. With close collaboration with content, designers, and marketing managers we established a fast turnaround for this site in just a few weeks. Our efforts lead to a large increase of traffic by 200% from the previous year and increased the number of traffic to the application page.

Site no longer available

Pay Per Click Landing Pages

June 2013
In conjunction with a vendor, the relaunch of our PPC forms aims to increase the number of prospects in the various programs. To achieve this, the content creator, designer, and myself implemented various best practices that best fit our user's needs and the needs of admissions.


Center for Population and Economics

June 2013
CPE was the first of various redesigns to the research centers. Aside from front-end functionality, my collegue and I designed the structure for our templates to follow to allow fast builds and new template creation. Some of the strategies included standardizing folder structure, file patters, object oriented programming, template content, and development standards.


Harry Davis 50th Anniversary Celebration

January 2013
To get the Booth community excited for Professor Harry Davis's 50th year, a site was created for people to share their stories of him. The website required a growth animation for featured stories symbolizing the professor's tenure at the school. Additionally, the site features an infinate scroll to showcase how many people had great stories to share.


June 2011
This Chicagoland area vendor, redesigned and rebuilt its entire site. My assignment was to integrate the back-end and front-end of the site.


Brain Research Foundation

August 2011
As this foundation required a new design and content restructure, I built the website and changed to a new information architecture for the site while keeping the client's current content organization in the admin site intact allowing them to continue to work in their current process.



I am a developer and designer full of curiosity on how people behave and interact with user interfaces.